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Below are just some of the positive reviews and responses we’ve seen for “Kosher By Design: Teens and 20-Somethings”

  • “Even though I own many cookbooks, my husband likes young good food. The fancy stuff doesn’t appeal to him. I am so excited for this new cookbook, because it seems to be aimed for his taste buds!”
  • “I learned how to be a better, healthier cook with Susie’s cookbooks. This will be a welcome addition to my collection.”
  • “My mother was a cook by profession and I was lucky enough to inheret her love of cooking! I have so many different cookbooks that I love to look through and get new recipes! I loved when Susie’s “kids in the kitchen” cookbook came out because my kids are always in the kitchen with me and we experement with different recipes together. This cookbook was geared right to them and was perfect! Now that they are getting older this will be a great new cookbook for us to go through together!”
  • “My review copy arrived over the weekend. I had barely opened the package and my 15 year old son was begging me to let him read it and try out recipes…”

And follow along as more than 30 bloggers review the new cookbook:

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