Serving in the Sukkah – some tips from Susie

Susie’s answering your questions on serving in the sukkah – send your questions to us at .

How do you keep everything nice and organized (and hot) while not making a huge amount of work for every meal in the sukkah? I feel like it’s always a mess, I don’t have enough room and nothing is the right temp by the time we get the kids in their seats to eat and everyone washes. Susie help! Do you have some tips to keep things going smoothly?

Susie’s reply: Plan on making dishes that don’t take long to plate or platter. To keep the food hot, I  don’t start plating until after motzei.  A good warm challah to linger over and no one will mind the wait. Also, be sure to enlist your family to help; we are an assembly line in my house,  don’t be a one-man/woman show.  It’s no fun that way. The logistics are too hard to juggle with just one person working in the kitchen.

Can you recommend inexpensive and natural decorations that aren’t “too flashy” – tips for making things look nice that can work well with my table centerpiece and other table dressing.

Susie’s reply: Look to nature.  You can scatter baby crab apples and seckel pears around the table or fill glass vases with them. Beautiful leaves with a single peacock  feather tied with a  ribbon is also a great inexpensive centerpiece.

And enjoy those last few nights in the sukkah!

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