Shop your cookbook to plan menus

Cooking your own food is the surest and healthiest way to develop good eating habits. Fast food may be convenient and tasty, but even with healthier menu choices, fast foods still contain high salt and fat content. By making your own food, you control portion size and ingredients.
Plan your meals carefully. There is room in a healthy diet for all foods, just not all at once. If you eat a less-healthy choice for lunch, balance your diet with a healthier dinner.
Coming home starving to an empty fridge usually leads to unhealthy selections and grabbing whatever’s around. If you plan your menus in advance, you can make sure you have ingredients on hand. You can balance the types of foods you need in a day and make sure you are ready to cook them.
Eating a variety of foods throughout the day plays a big role in leading a healthier diet.
At breakfast, try throwing berries into a bowl of whole-grain cereal.
Combine frozen and/or fresh fruit with some yogurt in a blender and start your day with a nourishing smoothie.
For lunch, add some chopped or cut-up veggies into a salad or a scoop of tuna or egg salad for a more filling meal.
Pack a small bag of nuts and seeds to carry you through a midday munchie craving.
Start dinner with a vegetable-based soup; it will fillyou up and help get some of the vital servings of veggiesinto your diet.
Portion size is the key. Try to follow the half-plate guide: Divide your plate in half. Fill one side with veggies, fruit, or salad and the other half with your protein, grains,and any side dish.

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